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SideDrawer thrilled to power Motivity Care’s growing caregiving service


Toronto, Ontario – ( – January 23, 2024) - SideDrawer, a secure collaboration platform for professional services firms and enterprises handling sensitive client files, is thrilled to support the growth of Motivity Care


Motivity Care is a US-based company that offers a comprehensive caregiver benefit solution, providing clients a unique concierge/chief of staff approach, combined with best-in-class technology through the MC Life Intell Platform.


“Motivity Care was founded to support working caregivers managing the care of their elder loved ones. Motivity Care offers solutions for every stage of ageing. The increasing demands from ageing loved ones can be overwhelming, time consuming and costly. Motivity Care provides both the ability for caregivers and those they care for to be prepared and protected, while ensuring the caregiver maintains communication and access through SideDrawer’s flexible Collaborators capability,” said Karina Muller, Co-Founder of Motivity Care.


“As we have grown our user base of working caregivers, we have found a growing demand from wealth management firms, HR leaders, benefits brokers/networks and senior living communities who want to offer our services as either an employee benefit, resident benefit or client benefit,” Karina added. “SideDrawer’s support of our Spanish-language requirements for our clients’ employees and residents, creating customized URLs for specific companies while providing significant security and access controls has been fundamental to the growth of our business.”


“We know how increasingly sprawling data and documents is making care even more challenging. Our founding mission was to make sense of the increasingly disparate information, and are thrilled to be a part of Motivity Care’s growth. With ultimate exposure to thousands of employees and beneficiaries, we could not be more proud of being able to offer a secure vault solution to improve the lives of their clients” said Ali M. Qureshi, Co-Founder of SideDrawer and Chief Revenue Officer.


“When Motivity Care approached us to be the technology platform to power their service offering, we knew the product had to offer flexibility to accommodate a variety of deployments, while also maintaining a simple and intuitive user experience to ensure their clients and users adopted the technology to enable the service delivery,” said J. Gaston Siri, Co-Founder, CEO & CTO of SideDrawer. “We’re excited to see the positive response from Motivity Care, their clients and employees.”


Motivity Care utilizes the SideDrawer platform for onboarding, ongoing engagement, streamlining communication, user registration and participation, as well as reporting. For those interested in exploring how Motivity Care can offer a caregiver benefit solution for their employees and clients please contact Karina Muller at


About SideDrawer

SideDrawer is a leading API-based digital vault platform, providing businesses, their customers and collaborators a more efficient and secure means to exchange sensitive, private and confidential information. Our customers leverage our intuitive interfaces or create their own experiences from our comprehensive APIs. SideDrawer is led by a team of financial services, technology and security veterans with experience across a variety of industries where confidentiality, privacy, and compliance are an increasing regulatory requirement. For more information, please visit


About Motivity Care

Motivity Care takes the complexity out of caregiving management saving time and money at every stage of ageing. Motivity Care offers an efficient and compassionate solution that reduces the mental and financial burden for the adult caregiver and their aging loved ones. We provide clients a unique concierge/chief of staff approach, combined with a best-in-class technology. The MC Life Intell Platform (available on desktop and mobile app in English and Spanish) keeps vital medical, legal and personal information secure and accessible 24/7 globally. It is uniquely interactive, highly secure, and user-friendly. We provide a seamless onboarding process, streamline communication, and simplify being organized for our clients. We offer customized concierge services for life transitions for all aspects of ageing. Motivity Care proactively help clients plan for now and for the future. For more information, please visit: