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Eldon Sprickerhoff Joins as Chair of Advisory Board

Cybersecurity Pioneer and Foremost Subject Matter Expert Eldon Sprickerhoff Joins SideDrawer’s Advisory Board as Chair


TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 15, 2023/ -- SideDrawer, a secure collaboration platform for professional services firms and enterprises handling sensitive client files, is thrilled to announce the addition of Eldon Sprickerhoff as Chair to its Advisory Board. Cybersecurity continues to be a paramount feature driving SideDrawer’s market adoption, and Eldon’s cybersecurity, technical, organizational and market expertise will contribute to the company’s next phase of growth.

Eldon is the Founder of eSentire, a company that created an innovative new cybersecurity category, enabling a proactive approach to preventing and investigating information security breaches. Eldon and his team grew eSentire to a global platform with over 700 employees, serving over 2,000 firms across financial services, legal, government, industrial and other sectors globally. eSentire continues to operate under strong leadership, allowing Eldon to advocate a cyber-conscious culture through his involvement with Caledon Ventures, the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst accelerator, and various industry conferences.

“The financial sector is facing greater cybersecurity threats than ever before, and information breaches can have severe reputational, regulatory and even existential business risks for these firms. I have seen this firsthand at eSentire, and recognize that an important aspect of overall security enhancement in today’s cyber environment is severely limiting the unnecessary use of email, which continues to be the #1 threat delivery vector for any business,” said Eldon. “I’ve been impressed with SideDrawer’s API-first architecture, the inherent scalability and most importantly, the user adoption which is driven by the intuitive interface and productivity workflows. I look forward to supporting SideDrawer in my capacity as Chair of the Advisory Board and am excited to be part of the journey!”

“SideDrawer’s API-first platform helps businesses avoid using email-based collaboration, by allowing two-way data and document exchange, forms, PDF completion, and enabling third party users to further secure the information exchange. The platform is available as a SaaS solution mostly deployed as a portal for independent advisors and small businesses, or IaaS or PaaS for enterprise customers to incorporate into their core infrastructure,” said J. Gaston Siri, Co-Founder of SideDrawer.

"While firms are investing in enhanced prevention and detection monitoring tools, the weakest link is proving to be email-based reliance of file sharing links to exchange information between internal users and external collaborators. A single click by just one employee can and has exposed entire businesses, so CTOs and CISOs need solutions that eliminate this exposure vector, while benefitting business users with workflow productivity tools, all without compromising user experience,” said Ali Qureshi, Co-Founder of SideDrawer.

SideDrawer has demonstrated strong success with financial sector clients, ranging from independent advisors to large financial institutions. With over 95% renewal rates and multi-year contracts, the product is becoming an essential platform for workflow productivity and security, while proving to be of incredible value as a data and document repository to the end-client.

About SideDrawer
SideDrawer is an API-based data and document management platform that improves the client experience around collaboration and organization for businesses of all sizes. The SideDrawer SaaS product is used by advisors, planners, executors and other professionals to securely collect and share sensitive client data and documents. SideDrawer’s infrastructure-agnostic APIs are truly scalable, allowing fintechs and enterprises to save significant development resources on non-core yet critical document management workflows. For more information, please visit: