SideDrawer Partners with NPC DataGuard

Toronto, Ontario – ( – April 25, 2022) – SideDrawer Inc, the API-based document collaboration platform, is pleased to partner with NPC DataGuard, a secure mobile computing solutions provider for business professionals. Through NPC's unique offering, customers avoid data loss, breach and business interruptions through an expert, data centre managed solution that is simple to buy and easy to use. SideDrawer complements NPC’s solution by offering secure, organized data and document collaboration with external users.“There’s no better way to forge a partnership than being encouraged by existing mutual clients, who see the combined value of our solutions. We were very impressed by NPC’s commitment to security through their unique customized offering, and their exceptionally strong client relationships. We see this as a truly complementary solution,” said Ali Qureshi, Co-founder of SideDrawer.

“The people behind SideDrawer have identified and addressed one of the biggest time wasters and security risks in business: document management. Managing documents using attachments, shared links, and multiple platforms also creates security risks. SideDrawer’s secure, branded platform is designed to improve efficiency through unique workflows and provide a phenomenal user experience — not only for their SMB clients, but for their clients’ customers as well,” said Larry Keating, President & Founder of NPC DataGuard“External collaboration over sensitive information continues to increase with every business, be it exchanging information with clients, or other professionals on a client engagement. However, increasing cybersecurity concerns and regulatory pressure to protect client data are not addressed by traditional file-sharing solutions, one-way secure email, or poor functioning portals. In addition to secure collaboration, our platform helps drive business efficiency around this process by reducing document admin time by over 50%, saving hundreds of hours per year,” said Robert Clarke, Vice-President of Sales at SideDrawer“We’re excited to introduce to our NPC clients in Canada and the U.S. a company that sees increased security as a means to increased productivity, and we can’t recommend them strongly enough to anyone looking to increase efficiency in their workflow,” added Keating.  About SideDrawer

SideDrawer is an API-based document management platform that improves the client experience around collaboration and organization for businesses of all sizes. The SideDrawer SaaS product is used by advisors, planners, executors and other professionals to securely collect and share sensitive client data and documents. SideDrawer’s infrastructure agnostic APIs are truly scalable, allowing fintechs and enterprises to save significant development resources on non-core, but critical document management workflows. For more information, please visit: or download the SideDrawer mobile apps on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or sign-up at NPC DataGuardNPC specializes in secure mobile computing solutions for business professionals. NPC's unique, industry-first solution alleviates data loss, breach and business interruptions in an expert, data centre managed solution that is simple to buy and easy to use. NPC DataGuard is a division of Compugen Inc. For further information, please visit 


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